Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

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  1. What is a Doula?Doula is a Greek word meaning "Woman's Servant." A doula is a non medical, professional support person trained and knowledgeable in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum as emotional, physcial, and informational support before, during and after birth.
  2. Is a Doula a medical professional? No, a Doula is a professional pregnancy, labor and post partum support system. We do not perform medical procedures.
  3. Do you only take out of hospital clients? I attend births as a Doula in Hospitals, Freestanding Birth Centers and Home births!
  4. What if I have hired a midwife for my birth, do I still need a Doula? Sure! Most of the Midwives I know LOVE Doulas! Doulas are not trained medically and do not perform any medical tasks. Instead, doulas are trained in emotional, physical, and informational support for our client. Midwives are clinically trained and are generally focused on you and your baby by doing things like checking dilations, vital signs, and fetal heart tones etc.
  5. Will hiring a Doula exclude my partner from the process? NO! During our prenatal meetings we discuss, at length, both your needs and your partners comfort level for involvement. What does the birthing partner expect or want from their partner? What is their partner comfortable with? How can I help them to be a cohesive unit throughout the process? How can we help the supporting partner to feel involved and comfortable while making sure the birthing partner feels supported and safe? From there I can mold my style of support to individually fit each family.
  6. What kind of support does a Doula provide prenatal?  During our meetings we can go through past pregnancies, births and postpartum periods (including breast feeding). Discuss your vision for the present pregnancy, birth and postpartum as well as going over your birth plan and options. We will also go over comfort measures and support options. After being hired I offer 24/7 phone support to my clients and at the 38th week of pregnancy I will start being on call and available 24/7 to come for your labor/birth and I generally stay a minimum of two hours immediately following birth
  7. What type of support do you provide during labor? ​As a Birth Doula I provide emotional, physical and informational support throughout pregnancy, labor and birth. ​Studies have shown that having a doula makes you less likely to need pitocin, pain medication or a cesarean. While also showing the clients having a higher satisfaction in their birthing process!
  8. What type of support do you offer post natal? ​​I offer 24/7 phone support in the first two weeks postpartum as well as initial breastfeeding support. I find that parents often need their rest and bonding time with baby right after birth so unless I am needed for additional support I wait until 1-2 weeks postpartum (depending on my clients needs) to meet with my clients and go over how you feel about your birth, provide initial breast feeding support, or answer any question you might have for me. 
  9. What if I do not live in the United States? Or I am working outside the United States? That's okay! I have been serving clients internationally via virtual Doula package. 
  10. What if my international job is high risk?I have developed a heightened special protocol for those serving overseas in high risk jobs. (Military, missionary, oil field, etc.)
  11. What is your phone number? ​903-390-3459